The Equality Maturity Model

The Equality Maturity Model (EMM) is a conceptual tool aimed at helping organisations measure how they are currently doing concerning equality and identifying potential areas of improvement. 

Based on the CMMI® the EMM aims to provide institutions and organisations with a snapshot of their maturity regarding equality policies, strategies, and practices as well as hints on how to progress to higher levels.

It provides a conceptual tool that is based on rubrics to reflect upon 5 key equality dimensions using the 5 maturity levels of CMMI®:

  • What is the current situation in the organization in terms of maturity for that dimension?
  • How can we enable the required cultural change, awareness, and accountability?


  • Díaz, P., Silva, P.A. and Tuma, Katja. The Equality Maturity Model: an actionable tool to advance gender balance in leadership and participation roles. IEEE EDUCON 2024.
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